Who we are – our identity


To develop agreement on how the business should move forward through its mission, vision and cultural statements.


What is it about and what will it do?

  • To allow all members of the team to be involved in the business make up, its statements and its way forward.
  • This business specific one day workshop is benefits from external facilitation to allow every one identified as key to the process to be involved.
  • Ownership of areas / projects / plans discussed will remain with the team to progress.


Who is it for?

Managers, team leaders, and team members who are tasked with taking ownership of their business, its culture and its DNA.


Outline content

  • Introduction
  • What do we stand for as a company…
  • Values and benefits – how; where and when we use these
  • Who we are – where do we want to be – vision / mission
  • Our USP
  • Communication and its process
  • Clear business objectives

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