Where there is a will, there is a way…Interactive Virtual & Distance Classroom Update

Where there is a will, there is a way…Interactive Virtual & Distance Classroom Update

Here at Mission To Motivate, we have been rising to new challenges…

Our main platforms of choice are Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Our moto is still 90% practical meaning we use the technology to support.

Some of our best feedback has been on the variety of methods of feedback – keeping it relatively simple means it’s easier on the eye and ear.  Just using the chat box can gather thoughts and support inclusivity and ensure everyone participates.

Length of sessions are key – 90 minutes as a maximum is working really well for us – short breaks are a must, blended with activity.  Pre-work and in-between action learning, in short bursts, embeds the learning and is delivering lasting results in changing behaviours and habits.

We are also delivering distance classroom learning on site – allowing for distance learning with vulnerable delegates tuning in via video conferencing.

We are all continuing to learn in lockdown and will continue to adapt and blend our learning to find the best fit for clients.

Some recent / ongoing classroom aspects (we ensure times fit operational need)

  • 18 month L5 Leadership programme
  • Personal Impact & Workplace Behaviour – 2 or 3 part series
  • Introduction to Transformational Coaching – 2 part series
  • Keys of Emotional Intelligence – 2 part series
  • Developing Team Leaders – 9 hours
  • Inclusion & Diversity – People Matter – 2 or 3 part series


If you are facing challenges or want to explore how we can support you in converting or finding new options to learn, please phone Tracey Willmott on 07775 858612 or alternatively email


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