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People Profiling -recruitment and development tools

Tools can be a great support in the recruitment process, identifying future talent; supporting leadership development and coaching.

What we can offer to you and your business:

Thomas International

  • MTM346Thomas International people and behavioural profiling to be used for recruitment, assessment centres and development
    • A behavioural profile analysis (Personal Profile Analysis) provides an insight into how people behave at work answering questions such as; what are their strengths and limitations? Are they self-starters? How do they communicate? What motivates them? How do they react to change?
    • PPA has received a Certificate of Registration from the British Psychological Society (BPS) to confirm it meets all psychometric requirements for use as a psychological tool. Thomas is also a founder member of the Business Test Publishers Association (BTPA) dedicated to improving the quality of published assessments.

Why do you need behavioural profiles?

  • Provide an accurate overview of your work behavioural preferences
  • They give you the self-awareness to consolidate your working strengths and compensate for your limitations
  • Can be used to modify your communication style for greater effect
  • Used to understand the impact your behavioural preferences have on your work colleagues

How will profiling help my business?

We can use these to support your recruitment and internal promotions. Whilst people remain the heart of a business it is their interaction with one another that can impede the flow of work and productivity. Behavioural clashes are a major cause of breakdown in team communication and good will.

Mission to Motivate enables people to become more aware of their work style. Only by improving their self-awareness will they have the means to consolidate their working strengths and compensate for their behavioural limitations. We run a highly successful Personal Impact workshop after 1:1 profile feedback which can be used to create more awareness in teams; improve relations; team build and increase productivity to improve bottom line results

Benefits of the Personal Profile Analysis

  • Fast, accurate and cost effective
  • Takes only 7-8 minutes
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork
  • Enables more effective people management

Uses of a behavioural profile:

  • Recruit the right person
  • Identify people for promotion
  • Put teams together
  • Gauge motivation and morale to pre-empt staff turnover
  • Identify precisely the areas for development that will have the maximum impact on your business
  • Manage performance
  • Resolve team issues
  • Boost motivation

Just some of the reports we can deliver on – there are 18 in total:

Margerison McCann – team profile

A unique approach that places personal development at the heart of high performance team working.

The Team Management Profile is a unique management and team development tool that gives you more perspectives on individual performance, high energy team working and organisational culture.

It offers personal feedback based on extensive research with and for managers into what creates personal success and high performance team working.

A rigorously validated questionnaire is analysed by special software to provide a 4,500 word customised report, available in major European languages. This helps you to achieve results for yourself and those you work with.

  • Relevant A system developed with and for leaders and their teams
  • Reliable – A researched framework of high energy working

This can be used individually and with teams.

Click here for sample report

Please also ask us about Myers Briggs, Insights and SDI –as alternative tools.

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