Organisational development & consultancy

Organisational Development and consultancy

MTM394In a world where we hear that the only thing that is constant is change, we can work with you to help and support.

We can work with you on a consultancy basis in areas such as:

  • Employee engagement – bench marking current engagement levels by facilitating focus groups to explore current perceptions/reality
  • Partnering – working within businesses to strengthen relationships and performance
  • Coaching – both individuals and teams to support a move forward; faster than they would achieve this doing it alone We can guide and support them to achieve their potential
  • Designing and carrying out business, matrix training needs analysis to deliver tailored training and development plans



  • We have written customer service training packs and trained trainers to roll out in their business
  • Written and co delivered ilm units
  • Co delivered management development programme in a recruitment company
  • Completed training needs analysis for leadership groups and consulted and then worked as a supporting partner in delivering outcomes
  • Worked on focus groups to identify values and mission statements and completed engagement workshops; facilitating champions to deliver sustainable inputs and outputs
  • Co-writing and delivering coaching initiatives

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