New Leadership Focus

New Leadership Focus – Renew You!

Learn how to boost motivation, refresh, renew, revitalise, and inspire your team to make a difference…



    Driven by emerging global trends and research.
   Selected to keep you ahead of the curve on social change and your responsibilities.
   Multiple formats designed to help you anywhere, anytime, tailored to your business.
  No need to wait for a professional development day
  Approaches that build on your own experience and innate knowledge


Whilst this has been put together based on feedback and dicussions with clients and contacts,  we can build something tailored to specifically suit your people and business needs.


Who is this programme for?

  • New mangers wanting to learn how to step into a senior role with ease and credibility.
  • Existing managers re-establishing themselves considering all the changes around us and continuing to be the best version of themselves.
  • Seasoned managers who wish to refresh their skills and best practise approaches.
  • Technical specialists, wanting to influence their stakeholders more effectively.


New Leadership Focus

Q Do you know what shadow you leave after each interaction?

Complete an online DISC profile Thomas Personal Profile Analysis that looks at your natural behaviour styles at work and receive a personalised 45-60 minute 1:1 coaching feedback session. This will form a foundation for focus and reflection across all workshops.

Q Do you know your habits or do you ‘do as others would be done by’?

Explore your profile and increase your self-awareness to adapt to others to improve interactions with others to achieve maximum personal and business results.

  • DISC, its meaning and use
  • Understanding the value of knowing ourselves and our behaviour strengths / motivators
  • How to adapt our behaviours to do ‘as they would be done by’
  • Spotting observable behaviours in others, and motivating ourselves and others via our communication preferences

Q Do you know how to effectively lead your virtual, remote or hybrid team to reach their potential?

Explore the necessary skills to inspire and engage with your team for better results.

  • Identify what it takes to role model inclusive behaviours to achieve more from your team
  • Leading virtually whilst inspiring confidence and interaction
  • Building emotional connections with your team
  • Supporting individual needs and well being to ensure a healthy team

Q Do you consider your natural bias and bias in others as a threat to effective business relationships?

Identify what it takes to overcome these biases for a more positive impact.

  • Understand the nature and origins of personal values, beliefs, attitudes and prejudices and the impact that this can have on workplace behaviour
  • Raise awareness of our own bias, preferences, and the assumptions we make
  • Raise awareness of how our bias affects our behaviour and the decisions we make in everyday situations
  • Recognise how we can be more inclusive and collaborative and reduce the impact of bias

Did you know change transformation is 5 times more likely to succeed if leaders understand and model the behaviours of change?

Explore the people / human aspects to support effective and sustainable transformation.

  • Explore how we and others experience change and what our own resistors to change or challenge are
  • Learn how to ‘lead and feed’ yourself in times of change or challenge
  • Explore how to behave in a forever changing environment, maintain trust and positively influence change
  • Develop courage to do things differently –‘taking risks and being curious’

Q Do you wish you had more confidence and competence about having those difficult conversations?

Discover how to transform your communication style and create transformational conversations, consistently.

  • Learn how to communicate with confidence and clarity, and approach every conversation as an opportunity to promote civility and inclusion
  • Identify the opportunities where assertive conversations would make a difference
  • Understand how to challenge inappropriate behaviour in a way that seeks a positive response
  • Explore techniques in various situations to build confidence in stepping in and speaking out

Q Do you readily bounce back when the pressure is on?

Resilient people stay committed and their efforts are increased in times of pressure and change.

  • Explore the meaning of resilience and how it applies to you and your role
  • Discover techniques to develop a ‘can do’ positive attitude
  • Discover techniques to help you manage emotions and behaviour in times of pressure/change
  • Identify affirmations to move positively towards personal goals

30 minutes with one of your facilitators to review actions and facilitate implementation in your work environment This specific 1:1 review will set you up for success and ensure you stay focussed on your actions and achieving your goals




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