Mood and Food Bitesize

What is it about and what will it do?

  • Aspects of healthy eating and basic nutrition will be covered to support lifestyle choices, enhancing a healthy work-life balance.  Discover the value of a positive mind-set and mindful eating to support productivity and wellbeing at work and home.


Who is it for? 

  • Anyone who is interested in this area and who has a responsibility to demonstrate how wellbeing at work benefits individuals and the company.


Outline content

  • Pre-quiz to identify personal eating styles – what type of eater are you?
  • Why healthy eating and good nutrition is vital (using statistical information to backup)
    • Why do we overeat?
    • Emotional triggers and habits – food and mood?
    • Improving physical and mental health to stay healthy and fit
    • Eating styles and how to plan to change habits that maximise chances of success
  • 8 key tips for healthy mind and body
  • Positive mind-set
    • Mindful eating
    • Goal setting to build positive steps into daily activity
    • Positive thinking and self-talk


Key message – small changes in the short-term – make for long-term change that is sustainable.

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