Millenials will be expecting a healthy worklife balance

Millenials will be expecting a healthy worklife balance

Research shows that by 2020 one third of our workforce will be age 50 plus

Young people will be in the driving seat to choose jobs to some extent and are more likely to move on if their personal needs and expectations are not met
Where employers take an interest in well -being younger workers are more likely to be and stay committed

One of the key factors that can influence well-being at work is manager inconsistency. If you have ever felt like you worked for ‘the boss from hell’ then you will have a handle on this.

Emotions and behaviours of others around you can influence greatly your well-being.

So development in resilience in the workplace at early stages -even close to induction can be invaluable. As well as those long-servers who have dealt with constant change.

Considering personal impact development for leadership teams has to be a positive and measurable development activity too.

Food for thought – what are you doing in your workplace?

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