Perkins Family – Fast Tracks Leadership Development Programme

Perkins Family – Fast Tracks Leadership Development Programme

Discussion began with Dave Perkins, Director of Perkins Family, a growing family restaurant business, who initially wanted an ilm accredited programme. The business wanted to develop existing and new managers to give them the tools to consistently deliver great leadership to train and retain people in a growing business. After much consultation around options, the business operational needs of individuals – Fast Track was established.

This enabled Perkins to build short 3-hour interactive sessions with pre and post learning utilising competencies and other systems and processes.

Tracey Willmott of Mission to Motivate worked with Dave to develop a sustainable solution.

A 12-month project involving consultancy, writing materials, coaching internal trainers and working in partnership to deliver a practical, informative and memorable series of workshops.

1) Leadership Impact
2) Communication, Influencing and Assertiveness
3) Managing People Performance Skills
4) Planning and Organising
5) Problem Solving, Sound Judgement and Awareness

The culmination post the last delivery is for everyone to complete an individual work-based project to evidence and further their learning. Each project will deliver a business improvement and facilitate positive change.

Kelly Ashmore – Training Manager
“I have been working alongside Tracey for nearly a year developing a training and development programme together that worked for our business needs as well as the needs of managers participating in the sessions. I have learnt valuable skills and honed my existing delivery skills for my own personal development as a training manager whilst enjoying Tracey’s sessions that she delivers.

I have very much appreciated the way that Tracey has developed the training material with my input and tailored to our policies and procedures. Her training has been delivered in a style that is flexible and relaxed. With various techniques Tracey has ensured that the managers achieve agreed training objectives and can take what they have learnt back to the work place.

Some of the work we first did on our leadership styles has been invaluable as it allowed us to get an insight into our own behaviours as well as the understanding of each other. It is the tool that has made the biggest impact with our managers as they are adapting and understanding their own teams.

We will now have a solid programme to deliver in-house ourselves. We have all acquired new skills and tolls and enjoyed our learning experience and will continue to develop from what has been put in place. Tracey may well support more remotely in future.

I would highly recommend Tracey if you are a looking for a personal yet professional approach with your training and someone who can really relate to your team and business.”

Dave Perkins, Owner Director
“I first met Tracey when she delivered a programme for our business which I attended. I was really impressed with her training skill and knew straight away that I would love to work with her again in the future. Roll forward a few months, lots of meetings and hard work and we had developed our very own Management Training programme. Fast Tracks.

For me, what has worked best is the positive relationship between myself and Tracey – she just gets it! You can come up with a seed of an idea of what you’d like to achieve and she can take it through to becoming a reality. Tracey is a natural when it comes to training and her wealth of experience has made the process straightforward.

As with anything in the business we look to ensure we get a good return on our investment; in this case we were very keen to develop a series of modules that could be repeatedly and consistently delivered in-house long into the future. Undoubtedly the investment was significant but it is our belief that Tracey has built strong foundations which will allow us to recoup this quickly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Tracey again, and I am sure that we will be working together on more projects in the future.”

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