Dave Allcock SHA

Dave Allcock SHA

SHA (ilm Level 5 – Leadership & Management diploma) : “ I have undergone leadership and management development with Tracey Willmott, which consisted of several one to one coaching sessions.

The sessions have given me a greater understanding of my impact in the workplace and how to make this a more positive one. It has given me a greater understanding of the leadership role.

Most importantly it gave me the knowledge and skills to change the way I work to be more effective. It demonstrated the importance of continual learning, development and self- reflection.

The one to one sessions are great and have increased my confidence and allowed me to understand and challenged my thinking regarding what I need to do to be influential in the workplace. The sessions were challenging and they really forced me to reflect of my performance and make improvements; working with continuous action plans

The whole programme has been excellent and given me the tools to change and provided me with a real impetus to do so.”

Dave Allcock SHA

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