Commercial Awareness – “The big picture”


To enable delegates to be aware of the impact of their team’s actions/inactions and contribution to the overall success of your business.


What is it about and what will it do?

Appreciating processes, relationships, risks and their impacts on business. Taking a “commercial big picture view”.


Who is it for?

Managers/leaders who need to have a big picture – in terms of commercial impacts.


Outline content

  • How to contribute to the organisations goals, by recognising, utilising and creating opportunities
  • External influences on the business and managing the business
  • What else is happening in the marketplace – competition
  • Understanding the impact or loss, waste, sudden changes to your piece of the Business and thewider company i.e. effect on the “bottom line”/bigger picture figures
  • Delivering value for money across the business
  • Action planning to improve results/minimising impact



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