Centre of Service

What is it about and what will it do?

Great customer service relies on staff who are aware of their own personal impact. They can communicate organisational values through their own behaviours and take an assertive approach when dealing with customers by focusing on common goals for a positive outcome.

This programme will focus on:

  • Understanding why good customer service is important to you and your organisation
  • Distinguishing clearly between good and bad customer service
  • Learning and applying positive techniques for dealing with awkward or demanding customers
  • Making an impact and ensure that what you do is consistent.


Who is it for?

All ‘front line’ staff who interact with internal and / or external customers.


Outline content

  • Customer service – what it means to our business
  • What does a customer want?
  • ‘Me in the role’
  • Moments of truth
  • Tragic to magic
  • Keeping it right – commitment to action and sustainability.




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