Andy Johnson, Head of Housing Management, General Manager, The Wrekin Housing Trust

Andy Johnson, Head of Housing Management, General Manager, The Wrekin Housing Trust

9-month bespoke Leadership Development Programme for Area Managers.  Positive people results and improved bottom line financial results.

 “So many times before we have asked for bespoke training to address specific development needs for our organisation and individuals, and so many times we used to get the same old ‘off the shelf’ courses….However, Tracey listened and worked with me and my senior management team to develop ‘our’ training and development programme that related to our operational needs and culture as well as the needs of the group participating in the programme!”

At first my team and I were sceptical and unsure that Tracey was going to be able to deliver and develop my Area Managers how we wanted them to be developed, and whether the investment would represent value.

At the end of the training programme, this group of employees as a team and individuals, were immediately sharing their new found knowledge and learning and seeing improvements in the way they managed their time and their team’s effectiveness.

Such a training programme can be the catalyst you need to coordinate a change programme for improvement and culture change, and this generates an added value part of the programme but also on-going that may not have been one of the original objectives.  Tracey’s approach and her style allowed this to happen.

On the 31st March this year, we achieve our greatest ever performance out-turns in relation to rent money collected (99.7% collected) as well as void property turnaround times of just 14 days – making us one of the best performers in our sector in the country.  Whilst it is hard to attribute this success solely to the Area Managers development programme, I do believe the AM programme contributed well to the improvements gained.

One of the Area Managers received an excellence award from the MD and myself recently, due to her and her team’s outstanding performance, and when asked what had resulted in such a turnaround, the response was the new-found confidence and skills that she had gained over the previous 12 months, together with her now feeling empowered to make decisions, change processes and manage her team with her new-found skills.  All aspects explored and actioned were within the framework of the development programme.


Tracey develops and delivers her training in a flexible, collaborative and consultative way that ensures that the organisation and individuals achieve agreed training objectives.  It mixes a range of proven traditional training theories with new innovative thoughts and a delivery styles that is fun, inclusive and involves lots of training toys and sweets along the way whilst encouraging learning and implementation of approaches learned into the workplace.

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